Our Story

In the beginning there was Ray and Marie O'Flaherty, here is their story...

Ray and Marie opened O'Flaherty's Irish pub in December of 2002. The furniture, bar and Irish paraphernalia you see all around the pub was all shipped to California from Ireland – you can't get any more authentic than a pub made in Ireland, shipped over and then run by an Irishman!

Ray, born in Birr, County Offaly, had a passion for all things Irish – one Irish Custom he held particularly dear was a pint and a chat with friends after a long day down at the local neighborhood pub. Anyone who's ever travelled to Ireland and dropped in for a tipple at a "local" can attest to the fact the Irish culture is warm and welcoming. You will always be welcomed and treated with kindness and a little bit of old fashioned curiosity!

Over the years, Ray would tell his friends and his family that he would like to open a "real" Irish pub. His dream came true at the age of 70 when he opened O'Flaherty's Irish pub on historic San Pedro Square. Ray called himself a "stander upper". Daily, for ten years, he could be found standing at the end of the bar, with a Smithwicks in his hand – from it's opening he would greet his patrons as old friends. If you were visiting for the first time, he would ask all about your background, your family, your interests. He'd of course want to know if you were Irish! Everyone was welcome – he truly created an environment where "You're a stranger here but once", O'Flaherty's motto.

Since Ray's passing in 2013, the fine O'Flaherty's staff has maintained the warm and welcoming environment he sought to create. You will find Marie at the pub regularly, chatting and staying in touch with the many O'Flaherty's patrons who have become part of the extended O'Flaherty family since 2002.

So, please raise a glass & say "Sláinte" to Ray. He'll be very pleased you came by. When you finish that drink, order another as "A bird never flew on one wing"!